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Design in Mind

Designing a great site does require some creativity, and one’s creativity is limited by their understanding of code structure. The Media Ox has been designing great sites for years.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly and responsive design doesn’t just mean the site can be viewed by a smartphone. We also ensure that the images are optimized for web use, making the site load faster. Even on mobile browsers.  

Server Security

Redundancy is important in the online world. We monitor your hosted site and perform scheduled backups. If your site were to encounter malicious code, we’ll be able to restore your site with no difficulty.


Virtual Private Server hosting ensures that your website doesn’t have to compete with thousands of other sites also hosted on that server. Dedicated bandwidth keeps your site running fast.

Clean Code

The Internet is more powerful than ever, and more people have access to fast devices capable of incredible amounts of processing. Your new web design will leverage these abilities.

Content Specialist

Your content should be focused and intended to reach customers searching for your service. We approach creating your site content by two parts: how Google finds it, and how customers enjoy it.

Keyword Analysis

SEO doesn’t have to be ambiguous anymore. We provide keyword analysis to find out the search phrases people most commonly use in your area then use it in your content.

Graphic Design

The visual experience is important for great web design. We can make sure the images maintain a high quality throughout your whole site to ensure the integrity of your brand.


Your site is a living breathing document on the web. It must show as much vitality as your business. We perform routine updates and changes as your business grows.



Printing Rights

All of my clients are given rights to print their images wherever they like. I don’t think it’s very professional to hold your photos hostage, why go somewhere that does?

Digital Download

CD’s are old news. All you need is an internet connection to get these high resolution images on your computer. You can even download onto your phone or tablet. Yay!

Pro Lab Prints

We’re in cahoots with White House Custom Color’s professional print lab located right here in Eagan, Minnesota! Sure you can print somewhere else, but why?